The only reason my cell phone came out 2day was bcuz my baby wanted me 2show his silly face. I can’t believe this is happening 2my child.

I didn’t believe in Black lives matter. Only because, I thought it was so so so so so so overrated. I apologize!

Here’s my story, not my son’s. I was just a babysitter in the backseat 2day w a truck in my name. I went 4the ride… bcuz I own the vehicle & that’s y they held him @gunpoint they sd they thought it was stolen…& no one even wanted to see me!!!!!! , I spent the whole day resolving his issue. It took 7 hours. Black kids can’t have nice trucks in white moms names?

I thought black lives matter was overrated but, my son experienced this today. He was driving a truck that he’s 100% paid 4every penny, every month, on time, including Insurance since the day he bought it, my black boy… 3 months till the lease is up fyi!

He got a little late renewing his registration, as dis I, but(sorry he had a baby, got his own place, & now has his own business, which took a LOT of work) not a big deal, not for a white girl like me. I’ve done it, because when I moved, just b4 him, it was a big difference .

When I got pulled over 4the same exact thing, I got2 go on my way. 2day my son got pulled over…. not just pulled over, he was treated like a convict, fellon, Gangsta, not a white girl. I don’t even know how2 spell convicted felon or Gangsta, that’s how white my boy is

Im working @the most respected restaurant in Rhode Island w all the judges & politicians & police Chiefs regularly coming in. BUT I am white.

My black kid was driving his beautiful white truck (way nicer than my car) FYI it’s pretty nice. BUTTT because he was completely repairing my vehicle4 me because I failed2 fully insure my vehicle. Registration had expired, the entire road was blocked off by police cars & he was held at gunpoint & thrown out of the vehicle -physically- harshly.

What an emotional moment 4him. He couldn’t stop talking about it. They searched his truck. He sat there and watched w guns pointed at him. He could not stop talking about it, which is what is really, really, really, bothering me.

We actually moved from the richest town in Rhode Island. We lived in East Greenwich. We only got pulled over once, in all the years we lived there. It was because my son was in the front seat. I was actually searched. It was consensual because I was so innocent I was not afraid. I had never been searched in my life. But he said Mom that’s racial profiling they do it all the time. I said Mike just keep being real. I have no idea, we had been pulled over because there was a black kid in the front seat. His girl who is still in college, his baby’s mama he’s still with, is very white… that wasn’t right either. That night they gave us such a hard time, but we were seriously, literally, less than 1 minute from our house.

I just kept trying 2b white. I sd let’s just take care of our Affairs, we’re in the wrong. But I was later on my registration when we moved & I got 2drive another week. He had guns pointed at him. He was thrown out of the vehicle physically. My encounter was so different 4the same exact thing. This is f****** b*******. That’s my kid. His skin is not white, but he is such a good boy.

I asked him y didn’t u record this? At this day & age. His reply was, mom they were goin2 kill me. Mom, I was so scared, u have no idea, they wanted 2kill me. U have 2hear his experience from him. But damn his story was so scary. Every single white person that meats my son, loves him. He has such a tender soul.

They were looking 4a reason 2kill me mom… They were goin2 kill me. I just kept saying let’s go on our way, do our thing. We spent the entire day 2gethr putting our affairs in order. Renew registration 4 the car, we had FULL insurance, they ripped the plate off of his vehicle so it could not be put back on. Another thing he pointed out…. He had a lot2 point out, I said chill we r us.

This isn’t the 1st time Ive seen my son being mistreated, so I’m so sad 2say that I’m joining on this stupid black lives matter b******* bcuz it is what it is.

I thought it was overrated by people that were being stupid. My son is the whitest black person u kno. He has been traumatized again, & again. I blamed it on him being a teenage boy. Im tired of seeing him being hurt But there is such a true reality of it. If it was his girlfriend, who is white college girl, who is so smart. Or mom like me. Or his sister who is very white & 15, a freshman, in all the high highest honors SENIOR classes, this would not have happened to him.


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Kerr Berr · March 20, 2018 at 4:21 am

I am not a drinker, I had two drinks tonight. This was a rant. I am such a quiet girl, I am so tired of hearing about my tanned skinned son being so mistreated.

I am not exaggerating the subject. He has been held at gunpoint so many times just because of his skin color. He's so sweet.

He has worked at nursing homes. Everyone loves my son everyone everywhere he's like a little mayor.

He doesn't do drugs. He doesn't drink. He works hard and he has such a big heart. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. And I am so proud. Somebody please find this video I will correct it properly please somebody help him I am tired of him being so mistreated

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