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Muslims understand fully that to take over America with their Caliphate, they must first infiltrate every facet of our society, including our schools, law enforcement agencies, and the highest levels of our government. Barack Hussein Obama was an key part of their plan, as he worked tirelessly to further the goal of Islam throughout America and around the world. Now that Obama is out of office, the Muslim Brotherhood have now found their next pet project in the form of another charismatic young Muslim by the name of Dr. Abdul el-Sayed. And what this young man has planned for our country as he sets to be elected as the first Muslim governor in America is absolutely chilling.

Dr. Abdul el-Sayed is a 32-year-old Muslim medical doctor who recently threw his hat in the race for the governor of Michigan. Just like Obama, El-Sayed speaks without an accent and his charismatic attributes diverts everyone’s attention away from the unfortunate fact that he’s a Muslim with the full backing of the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization. If you think this sounds like Obama 2.0, you’d be 100% correct. He too hates Trump with a passion, saying that the president’s decisions “are at odds with deeply held American values.” But it’s not just governor of Michigan that El-Sayed wants. He’s now setting his sights on the presidency in 2020, but that’s only a portion of the chilling plans this man has for our country as you will soon see.

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