Inside the Wells Fargo Center Tuesday night the Democrats spoke of the same issues – about excessive police force, about changing the gun culture, about promoting tolerance and fighting bigotry.

The Mothers of the Movement took center stage at the Democratic National Convention. These seven women are united in their grief over the deaths of their sons and daughters – among them the mother of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland.

Their children died as a result of gun violence or excessive use of force. They explained why they support Hillary Clinton for President.

Geneva Reed-Veal, Sandra Bland’s mother, says, “I’m here with Hillary Clinton because she is a leader who will say our children’s names. Hillary knows that when a young black life is cut short, it’s not just a personal loss. It is a national loss. It is a loss that diminishes all of us.”

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said, “Hillary Clinton has the compassion and understanding to support grieving mothers. She has the courage to lead the fight for common-sense gun legislation.”

Action News was on the floor with the Pennsylvania delegation as the Mothers of the Movement addressed the convention. We asked them what they thought of it and what their message has to say about what Hillary Clinton would do as president.

Philadelphia Councilman Kenyatta Johnson tells us, “She decided to allow them to come on with her on this journey so we can address the issues of police brutality in this country.”

Nancy Mills, Allegheny County Democratic Chair, says, “I kept thinking I don’t know how I could have stood up there and had the courage that they had, and I was very moved by it.”

And Rashaad Lambert of Sporty Marketing Group tells us, “Mothers of the Movement is a great thing but I hope that we never have to add any other mothers to that movement.”


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