Liberal radio show host Dean Obeidallah appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday to declare that the 2018 midterms will be “Judgement Day” for America. Obeidallah told guest host Jonathan Capeheart: “The Resistance is the big winner. A year ago at this time so many of us were despondent, we were fearful. We had a man who won the White House trafficking in hate and bigotry, and I’m Muslim–demonizing my community directly, and we didn’t know where we were going to go. Then we had, started the Resistance with the Women’s March and then people came to the airports, people marched in the middle of the country saying we are your brothers and sisters’ keepers, we are there for you and that built organically. Then we saw the electoral victories, Virginia Ralph Northam, Democrats flipped the most seats in the House of Delegates in a hundred years there. New Jersey, my home state, we won big and of course Alabama with Doug Jones.”

He continued, “So I think this building resistance where we feel like we’re not alone, that we are there for each other. That–no community’s going to be left behind when Donald Trump attacks you. That we’re there for you, LGBT, Muslim, African-American, Latino.” — “I think this is building–2018, the big blue wave, I keep saying November 6, 2018, not Election Day, it’s Judgement Day for this country,” he said. “We’re gonna come out and take our nation back.”

Daily Caller: MSNBC Guest: 2018 Midterm Isn’t Election Day, It’s ‘Judgement Day’


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