THE BEAT With Ari Melber 12/29/17 | BREAKING NEWS MSNBC NEWS Today December 28,2017

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Frances Magro · December 30, 2017 at 4:40 pm

Got to get these pathetic, pitiful republican crooks out of our White house. These so called men are sickening & make most want to puke. These are way below sewerage.

J Groovy · December 30, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I'm going to compare stupid Trump supporters to Islamic terrorists, but I'm not saying they are terrorists. After 9/11, we heard a lot of, "It's because America didn't pay attention to us. It's because you've been kicking us around too long". So, we started paying attention. Turns out, in so many ways, they were angry at themselves, barking up the wrong tree, and making things worse. Bin Laden said he did it over sanctions in Iraq and the Palestinian plight. Those were bullshit excuses. Trump followers – Economically, you weren't doing any worse than who you call "coastal elites". Your jobs were going away over modernization and automation – not "globalism", and globalism is NOT favored by the liberals over conservatives. It is favored by ALL businesses that want to expand. Illegal immigrants are less of a problem for Middle America than anywhere else. You have the open spaces and whitest regions in the country, since you insist on calling diversity a problem. I call it pure, ignorant bigotry and intolerance. Of all the problems facing this country, illegal immigrants top your list? Really? We're paying attention, and you look like fools. Thanks for Trump, morons. He'll fix our problems. Idiots.

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