Check out these top 12 facts about president trump’s vehicle! You won’t believe some of the features the presidential car, nicknamed the beast, actually has!

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12.) It’s not one car but a fleet of vehicles
When the newest presidential limo was developed there was not just one vehicle made for the president and the secret service but a little over a dozen. In total, there are usually 12 vehicles which are included in the president’s fleet, one for the president and the rest for VIPs or secret service agents. The number in the fleet also depends on what type of area they are in, if the area is more dangers, there will be more vehicles and secret service in the fleet. The company and the Secret Service based the limo off the Chevrolet Kodiak, which is a rugged commercial vehicle previously sold as everything from a dump truck to a U-Haul. The Presidential limo, which is nicknamed The Beast, was developed from ground up by the Secret Service, in fact every idea from the number of vehicles in the fleet to the accessories came from the minds of the Secret Service. During development, the Secret Service decided there should be about three beasts all of which are used for different reasons. One of the main reasons is for the use of decoys so it is harder or impossible to tell which vehicle the President is in. Furthermore, these decoys tend to switch places in the motorcade in order to confuse any potential assassins. Another reason is to transport any VIPs or other visitors that are traveling with the president.

11.) Personnel and Loyal Lookouts
It is not just the fleet of vehicles that works hard to protect the President of the United States, but also dozens and sometimes hundreds of various professionals who help protect the President, his family, and guests wherever they go. Every presidential motorcade has dozens of police and secret service agents on constant lookout and often, there are several military personnel, counter assault teams, communication agents, hazardous material teams, and a whole lot of other people that help ensure the President of the United States get to his destination safely. On top of all these individuals, there are just as many are scanning airwaves and listening for any sound or indication that the President is threatened. Wireless transmissions are continuously decoded by the agents to figure out any terrorist attack when the motorcade is on move.

10.) Chemical Resistant
President Trump’s car “The Beast” includes several features which makes it the world’s best and safest armored vehicle. One of these features is a specialized gas tank that not only makes the limo run on diesel, but it is also makes the vehicle chemical resistant. The Beast holds an armored plated gas tank that includes a special foam, which is known to seal itself if it is punctured. Because of this form, the vehicle can withstand anything from a small puncture to a high impact. Reportedly, this special fuel tank was included because tanks are known to explode after an accident, however, this foam can also seal the tank if punctured due to a bomb.

9.) Airplane Included
The Beast is not alone in making sure the United States President arrives securely, and on time, to his destination. There is always an airplane, a C-17 Globemaster, close by to make sure The Beast gets overseas. In fact, thanks to the United States military, the President’s limo will be where it needs to be before the President gets there. And it is not just The Beast that will be shipped wherever in the world, but also other vehicles, including a second limo and a heavily armored Chevrolet Suburban communications vehicle. This way, there is always a familiar set of vehicles to drive the president, family, and the secret service around wherever they go.


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